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From engineered wood to hardwood parquet flooring, hardwood floors are strong and durable and ready for what you or your childern might throw at it. Pre-Finished means you won’t have the issues associated with site-finished hardwood flooring (ie: No dust from sanding, No fumes from chemicals and no waiting for the finish to dry). Engineered means less problems with gaps and swelling during different times of the year.

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Ravenwood Birch, Color: Redwood RB05RW1
Marrakech Tangier Oak, Color: Curry MMT05CY1
Marrakech Moroccan Hickory, Color:Cumin MMH05CU1
Inverness Black Isle Hickory, Color Harvest IVB05HVL1
Heirloom Hickory, Color Aged Bronze RH05AGB1V1
Exotic Atlantis Prestige Brazilian Cherry NEJ05DK1
Exotic Atlantis Prestige Amendoim NEA05NA1
Exotic Atlantis Imperial Tigerwood Natural NE05NA1
Exotic Atlantis Acacia, Color: Maple NE05MA1
Exotic Atlantis Sapele, Color: Chestnut NE05CT1
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Oak Smoke
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Oak Pearl
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Oak Graphite
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Oak Ebony
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Oak Earth
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Hickory SunStone
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements HickoryRoot
12x24,12x12 Earthly Elements Hickory Ember
Arrow Rock Hickory: Leather ARH05LEL1
American Walnut: Tawny
American Walnut Natural
Rustic Maple: Slate
Rustic Maple: Sandstone
American Classic Oak Sand Hill
American Classic Oak Old Bronze
American Classic Oak Natural
American Classic Oak Honey Grove
American Classic Oak Homestead
American Classic Maple Fawn


Some flooring products are sold through authorized dealers in the United States and reputable online retailers. Make sure you know what you are buying, some flooring purchased over the internet is not 'first-quality'. Only first-quality merchandise is covered by the warranty.


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