Adura is the next generation of Luxury Flooring

Adura provides the look and elegance of wood, tile, or stone without the worry! Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and installation options. When you compare Adura to Ceramic you will notice a distinct difference in the warmth, softness and ease of maintenance.  Adura delivers award-winning fashion to your home. With proprietary technology, Adura is engineered to look and feel like the real thing, easy to maintain, and is backed up by a 20 year residential/5 year light commercial warranty.

Adura is made in 16x16" tiles in all the colors.  Adura Elements are created in different sized tiles, with a limited color selecction, 6x6, 12x12, 12x24 so that you can create a unique patteren just like a standard ceramic tile.  Adura tiles can be installed with or without grout.

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AT273 Vibe White
AT270 Vibe Linen
AT271 Vibe Graphite
AT275 Vibe Flax
AT272 Vibe Ebony
AT274 Vibe Cocoa
AT281 Casa Tortilla
AT280 Casa Salt
AT282 Casa Corn Maze
AT283 Casa Chipotle
AT254 Metropolis Concrete
AT253 Metropolis Sidewalk
AT252 Metropolis Central Park
AT251 Metropolis Subway
AT250 Metroplis Graffiti
AT244 Athena Cameo
AT243 Athena Maidens Veil
AT242 Athena Grecian Grey
AT241 Athena Cyprus
AT240 Athena Corithian Coast
AT233 Grand Canyon White Cap
AT232 Grand Canyon Meadow Blend
AT231 Grand Canyon Mountain Slide
AT230 Grand Canyon Blue Horizion
AT233 Corsica Coral Reef
AT222 Corsica Cavern
AT211 Overcast
AT220 Crushed Shell
AT212 Dynasty Pearl
AT211 Dynasty Bonsai


Some flooring products are sold through authorized dealers in the United States and reputable online retailers. Make sure you know what you are buying, some flooring purchased over the internet is not 'first-quality'. Only first-quality merchandise is covered by the warranty.


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